Final program

6° PNAE CONGRESS with the collaboration of FNOPI and SIPINF


6th PNAE Congress Opening Session

h. 12.30 – 13.30

Participants registration

h. 13.45 – 14.30
  • Immacolata Dall’Oglio (PNAE)
  • Jane Coad (PNAE)
  • Barbara Mangiacavalli (National Federation of Orders of Nursing Professions-FNOPI)
  • Italian Ministry of Health (invited)
  • Massimiliano Raponi (Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital, IRCCS)
  • Elisa Grifantini (Italian Commettee for UNICEF)
  • Luciana Indinnimeo (Italian Society of Paediatrics)
  • Marisa Bonino (Italian Society of Paediatric Nursing)
  • Denis Pisano (Italian Society of Neonatal Nursing)
  • Maurizio Zega (Order of Nursing Professions of Rome)
  • Presenter: Laura Barbotto (National Paediatric Nurses Commission- FNOPI)
h. 14.30 – 16.00

Plenary Session: Children and Young People’s safeguarding and protection

  • Care & Rights of Children, our future Carla Garlatti (Italy)
  • Demographic and epidemiological aspects from infancy to youth Alberto Villani (Italy);
  • Health and safety in Infancy, childhood and youth in high risk settings Roy Cosico (WHO);

Discussion and Questions

Moderators Immacolata Dall’Oglio (PNAE), Cosimo Cicia (Italy)


h. 16.00 – 16.30

Coffee Break

1st e-poster walk:

Research and Pain Management in Children Moderators: Jacobine Wagermaker (The Netherlands), Valentina Biagioli (Italy)


1.1° e-poster walk

INNOVATION IN PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION & TRAINING Moderators: Airin Treiman-Kiveste (Estonia), Patrizia Bevilacqua (Italy)


1.2° e-poster walk



1.3° e-poster walk

QUALITY IMPROVEMENT BASED ON RESEARCH AND EVIDENCE Moderators: Rosemarie Sheehan (Ireland) Erica Busca (Italy)

h. 16.30 – 17.45

 Plenary Session: Children and Young People’s safeguarding and protection

  • Education for nursing in paediatrics across Europe Katrin De Winter (Belgium);
  • Ethics in the education of caring professionals: a presence with different modalities Sandro Spinsanti (Italy).
Discussion and Questions

Moderators: Jane Coad (PNAE), Rosaria Alvaro (Italy)

h. 17.45 – 19.00

Plenary Session: Nursing infants, children and young people in primary, community and school settings

  • Promoting health, the connection among home, school and healthcare Maria Brenner (Ireland);
  • Family involvement in and views of paediatric community care Angelo Ricci (Italy)
Discussion and Questions

Moderators:Jean Davies (PNAE),Marisa Bonino (Italy)

h. 8.30 – 10.00


Plenary Session: Quality improvement based on Research and evidence within Paediatric Nursing Practice

  • The role of Clinical Academic Research in Children and Young People’s, Nurses Careers and Impact on Care Jane Coad (UK);
  • Patient and Public involvement in research Katie Gallagher (UK);
  • New Medication in Children and Nursing Responsibility Eugenia Trigoso (Spain).

Discussion and Questions

Moderators: Orsola Gawronski (Italy), Loredana Sasso (Italy)

h. 10.00 – 10.30


Coffee Break 



2.1° e-poster walk CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE’S SAFEGUARD–ING AND PROTECTION Moderators: Immacolata Dall’Oglio (PNAE), Nicoleta Login (Italy) 


2.2° e-poster walk PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT IN PAEDIATRIC NURSING Moderators: Kristina Kuznik (Croatia), Angela Capuano (Italy)


2.3° e-poster walk ISSUES OF PAEDIATRIC CARE IN EMERGENCY Moderators: Charlotte Angelhoff (Sweden), Ilaria Bergese (Italy)

h. 10.30 – 12.00


Using digital technology to deliver care in paediatrics

  • Nurses leading innovation in healthcare Onno Helder (The Netherlands)


eHealth as an aid for facilitating and supporting self-management in families with children born pre-term or need of surgery – the development, evaluation, and implementation in clinical practice

Inger Kristensson Hallström (Sweden)

Remote monitoring of hydrocephalus in children with central nervous system tumors: a feasibility study
Rossella Sagliano (Italy)

Development, feasibility and usability of an App for the correct nutrition of children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Andrea Zibaldo (Italy)

Gamification-Based Education for Pediatric Patients with Chronic Noncommunicable Disorders: A Promising Approach to Improve Health Knowledge
and Adherence
Rosana Svetic Cisic (Croatia)

The Effect of Telehealth Service Provided to Pregnant Women About Childhood Vaccines on Vaccine Attitudes and Vaccination
Aksucu Gözde (Turkey)

Distraction in children during painful procedures
Ivona Mikulenková (Czech Republic)

Discussion and Questions

Moderators: Airin Treiman-Kiveste (Estonia), Giuliana D’Elpidio (Italy)


Good examples in supporting children and young people with long term, complex and palliative care needs and their families

  • Our care matters – for the child and the family in palliative care Ulrike Kreicbergs (Sweden);

Oral presentations

Home care of children dependent on mechanical ventilation
Antonija Marić (Croatia)

Measuring self-care in children and young people with complex chronic conditions: development and initial validation of a new tool
Giulia Manzi (Italy)

The Effects of Oral Antipyretic Medications Administered by Injector and Drug Pacifier on Vital Signs in Children with Fever
Sermin Dinç (Turkey)

Perception of chemotherapy-related symptoms in pediatric oncology: concordances and discrepancies between patients and their parents
Simone Macchi (Italy)

Multidisciplinary approach in palliative care at University clinical center, Pediatric clinic Ljubljana
Oštir Majda (Slovenia)

Hearing the voice of young people with life limiting conditions to improve healthcare transition
Angela Horsley MBE (United Kingdom)

Discussion and Questions

Moderators: Ayse Ocakci, Martina Piazzalunga (Italy)


Harm free environment Issues in Paediatric care

  • Prevention of clinical deterioration in children Orsola Gawronski (Italy);
  • Clinical deterioration and parent involvement Sarah Neil (UK);

Oral presentation.

Beyond objective measurements: Danish nurses’ identification of hospitalized pediatric patients at risk of clinical deterioration – A qualitative study
Josefine Tang Rørbech(Denmark)

Pediatric Nursing Sensitive Outcomes in surgical and medical settings: A Delphi Study
Martina Batino (Italy)

How does patients’ and staff’s experiences compare? A mixed-method study to identify areas for quality improvement in the paediatric department at the University Hospital of Southern Denmark,

Esbjerg Sigrid Mørkeberg Nilsson (Denmark)

Discussion and Questions

Moderators:Barbara Boutopoulou (Greece), Vincenza Sansone (Italy)


Family centred care in paediatrics

  • Integrated Family Centered Care in Paediatrics Ingrid Hankes Drielsma (The Netherlands);
  • Family involvement in neonatal screening programs Dilek Konuk Şener (Turkey);


Oral presentations.

Child’s challenging behavior and oxidative stress in parents of children with disabilities and diabetes mellitus type 1
Ljubičić Marija (Croatia)

Health Related Quality of Life of mothers of children with cancer: a systematic review
Christiana Nicolaou (Cyprus)

Parental guidance and participation in infants’ non-pharmacological procedural pain care
Airin Treiman-Kiveste (Estonia)

Barriers and Facilitators to Adherence of HIV(+) Children to Antiretroviral Treatment from Caregiver’s Perspective
Özlem Şensoy (Turkey)

Discussion and Questions

Moderators: Gudrun Kristjánsdóttir (Iceland), Immacolata Dall’Oglio(Italy)

h. 12.00 – 13.00


Professional development and advanced roles in Paediatric Nursing

  • Education for advanced roles in paediatric Nursing Ann-Sylvie Ramelet (Switzerland)
  • Advanced roles and implementing in organizations Emanuela Tiozzo (Italy);

Oral presentations.

Leading the Way,A National Strategy for the Future of Children’s Nursing in Ireland 2021-2031
Rosemarie Sheehan (Ireland)

Discussion and Questions

Moderators: Charlotte Angelhoff (Sweden), Patrizio Sannino (Italy)


How to protect children in conflict zones

  • Nursing care with refugies children Emel Demir (Turkey);

Oral presentations.

Italian Reception for Refugee Pediatric Patients from Ukraine, the contribution of the team of the Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital (OPBG)
Arun Poulose Kallookkaran (Italy)

The effects of mental symptoms of refugee adolescents on their substance abuse proclivity: Large scaled data from South-eastern Turkey
Mehmet Emin Düken (Turkey)

Impact of the improved knowledge and skills in the nursing staff inpatients survival: the case of intensive care units of Hevi pediatric teaching hospital of Duhok – Kurdistan Region of Iraq
Federica Buzzi (Italy)

The work of paediatric nurses during the war Kateryna Balabanova (Ukraine) & Hanna Hlushchenko (Ukraine)

Discussion and Questions

Moderators: Kristina Kuznik (Croatia),Roberto Picchi (Italy)


Education and Research: oral presentation

Children’s Nursing Education: An Innovative Hybrid Model Colette Goonan (Ireland)

Storytelling for clinical learning methodology in the pediatric nursing degree program: preliminary results Patrizio Sannino (Italy)

Flipped Classroom in Nursing Education: key ideas for practice, pros and cons Josefina Patiño Masó (Spain)

Nursing research in NICU: a preliminary study Pierpaolo Servi (Italy)

Children as Innovators: Harnessing the Creative Expertise of Children to Address Practical and Psycho-social Challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic – COVISION Study
Suja Somanadhan (Ireland)

Antibiotics? Handle with Care! Individual and community responsibility for the appropriate use of antibiotics.
Francesca Gallo (Italy)

Discussion and Questions

Moderators:Matziou Vasilki (Greece), Daniele Ciofi (Italy)


Community Healthcare: oral presentation

Determination of Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors of Adolescents Working in Industry
Fatma Bozdağ (Turkey)
Pediatric Nurse in the Primary Care Pediatrician’s office in Lombardy (Northern Italy), a resource for Children and Families. Preliminary results of an observational study.
Elena Cipolla (Italy)

A Focused Ethnographic Study of Children’s Perspectives and Experiences of Being Obese and Participating in an Obesity Intervention Program
Meltem Çatalbaş (Turkey)

Parental access to health care following paediatric surgery: The precarious role of parents as providers of care in the home
Vilhjalmsson Runar (Iceland)

Prevention of clinical deterioration in children with medical complexity at home: a parents’ trigger tool
Catia Genna (Italy)

From PhD to Practice, Transforming Children’s Community Nursing Care.
David Widdas (United Kingdom)

Discussion and Questions

Karin Bundgaard Nielsen (Denmark), Erica Busca (Italy)

h. 13.00 – 14.00 LUNCH


3° e-poster walk: Taking care of ill children and their family Moderators: Karen Vansteenkiste (Belgium) PNAE, and Matteo Amicucci (Italy)


3.1° e-poster NEWBORN AND PARENTS CARE Moderators: Signe Marie Bandlien (Norway), Nicoleta Login (Italy)


3.2° e-poster walk QUALITY IMPROVEMENT & RESEARCH IN PAEDIATRIC CARE Moderators: Varvara Boutopoulou (Greece), Ercole Vellone (Italy)


3.3° e-poster walk INNOVATION: FROM EDUCATION TO COMMUNITY HEALTHCAR Moderators: Siret Läänelaid (Estonia), Alessandra Santiloni (Italy) 

h. 14.00 – 15.30


Plenary Session: Promoting a healthy start in life

  • PATH perinatal mental health project service Jacobien Wagemaker (The Netherlands);
  • The WHO reccomendations about first 6 weeks of life Karolina Kramarić (Croatia);

Oral presentations.

The importance of breastfeeding: a study on the economic value of breast milk
Benedetta Zabotti (Italy)

Anue Concept – Breast Milk Donation
Grønnslett Jeanette (Norway)

Use of Breast Milk Odor and White Noise on Pain Management during Heel Lance in Premature Newborns: A Randomized Controlled Study
Burcu Otlu (Turkey)

Discussion and Questions

Moderators: Ingrid Hankes Drielsma (The Netherlands), Franca Crevatin (Italy)

h. 15.30 – 17.00


Supporting the mental health across the life course of children, young people and families

  • The alarming rate of emerging mental health issues within paediatrics Antonella Costantino (Italy);

Oral presentations.

“ROQ-PW: using a standardized questionnaire to evaluate the level of satisfaction among young patients recovered in a neuropsychiatric ward” Manuela Salama (Italy)

Supporting the mental health of first-generation refugee and asylum-seeking children in schools: a participatory action research project Eve Allen (United Kingdom)

Assessment of nursing needs and performance in children with autism spectrum disorder: effects of dietary habits on selectivity and nutritional status Nocerino Rita (Italy)

Getting the Help and Support Needed to Have a Good Life: Young People with Congenital Heart Disease, Down Syndrome and Both Conditions Share Their Own Stories Marcia Van Riper (United States)

The Future Destroyed in the Earthquake: The effect of the earthquake on the mental health states, suicide probability and future expectations of adolescents (The Case of the Kahramanmaraş Earthquake) Emin Düken Mehmet (Turkey)

Discussion and Questions

Moderators: Maria Brenner (Ireland), Patrizia Bevilacqua (Italy)


Nursing care in acute or emergency situations

  • Emergency care in paediatric setting Ilaria Bergese (Italy);

Oral presentations.

Drama Pedagogy in Specialist Nursing Education in Care for Children- Learning about Conflict Management Helena Wigert (Sweden)

Pediatric assessment in urgency-emergency pre-hospital settings: a cross sectional descriptive study introducing an assessment form Azzurra Chebat (Italy)

The Effect of “Quantum-Touch” on Venipuncture Pain, Fear, and Anxiety in Children Aged 7-12 Years Old; Randomized Controlled Study Akarsu Özlem (Turkey)

Pediatric delirium in the CICU – Cardiac Intensive Care Unit: recognition and reduction strategies. Barbara Esposito (Italy)

Prospective Patient Safety Study in MRI using Vacuum Immobilisation: Nursing Care in the newborn’s first days of life Giuliana Evangelisti (Italy)

Discussion and Questions

Moderators: Ivona Mikulenková (Czech Republic), AngelaCapuano (Italy)


Efficient nursing care in “New Poverty” and fragile paediatric patients

  • How to teach nurses to take care of children in fragile situations Anna Bergadaro (Italy);

Oral presentations

“I’m starving to death”: the malnourished child in low-income countries. In-hospital management from admission to follow up: a scoping review Tanja Loi (Italy) 

Well-being and distress of parents of children with congenital heart disease in neonatal intensive care Gudrún Kristjánsdóttir (Iceland)

“Preparing to go home”: instruments to facilitate the transition from hospital to home in families of children with Neurological disorders. Andrea Crescenzi (Italy) 

Understanding Children’s Experiences of Living with Rare Diseases Niamh Buckle (Ireland) 

The Pediatric Screening – Priority Evaluation Dysphagia (PS-PED): New tool to assess the risk of dysphagia Antonella Cerchiari (Italy) 

Communication training in undergraduate children’s nursing programs: mapping out current delivery in the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom. Martina Kennedy (Ireland)

Discussion and Questions

Moderators: Jean Davies (UK), Sara Buchini (Trieste)


Nursing issues in paediatrics on staffing level

  • Is nurse staffing associated with clinical deterioration events on acute and critical care pediatric wards? Orsola Gawronski (Italy)

Oral presentation

Advance directives, shared care planning and palliative care in paediatric settings: an open, cross-sectional study of nurses’ and nursing students’ knowledge, attitudes and practice Daniele Ciofi (Italy)

A Global Collaborative Project: Supporting Development of Leadership and Digital Skills in Children’s Nurses Rosemarie Sheehan (Ireland)

Multicentered observational study: “LITTLE HEROES” at home with immunotherapy Matteo Amicucci (Italy)

Empowering patients and supporting self-management in paediatric asthma: A qualitative approach on health care professionals’ needs, expectations and experiences Liina Harjus-Soostar (Estonia)

Perioperative Nursing Care For Craniopagus Twins Separation Beatrice Fortunati (Italy)

Investigation of Patient Loss-Related Grief and Posttraumatic Growth in Pediatric Intensive Care Nurses: A Cross-Sectional Study Hatice Yıldız (Turkey)

Discussion and Questions

Moderators: Katrin De Winter (Belgium), Marcello De Santis (Italy)

h. 17.00 – 17.30


Plenary Session: Awards for best researches & Closing Ceremony

Laura Barbotto (CAIP-FNOPI) Cosimo Cicia (FNOPI), Jane Coad, Immacolata Dall’Oglio and Jean Davies (PNAE)