Orsola Gawronski


Orsola Gawronski, RN, MSN, PhD, is a nurse currently working for the Professional Development, Continuing Education, and Nursing Research Unit at Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital (BGCH) in Rome, Italy. Before she has worked in Pediatric and Neonatal critical care and pediatric Emergency Room as a clinical staff nurse. She currently coordinates the American Heart Association hospital’s Training Center and the simulation program at BGCH. She leads the implementation and maintenance of the Bedside Pediatric Early Warning System and the cardiac arrest registry at the hospital. She has been teaching research methods at the Nursing Science Master’s program (MSN) at the Catholic University of Rome (Faculty of Medicine and Surgery) for 10 years and supervises MSN and Nursing Science doctoral students and thesis. She is passionate about simulation training, education, mentoring and multidisciplinary research. She is a PICU researcher, currently leading a multidisciplinary study on the effect of PICU diaries on Post Intensive Care Syndrome and research on escalation of care for deteriorating children on the wards. She is currently WFPICCS Vice President of Nursing.