• Received her diploma as a ‘vigilatrice d’infanzia’ (children’s nurse) June 1969- OIRM Turin.
  • Certified for executive management positions June 1975- Ist. Gaslini Genoa
  • Experienced professional collaborator since 1976 first for Neonatal Pathology, then also for Pediatrics and Neonatal Care
  • Experienced professional collaborator of the Maternal and Infantile Department of the “Azienda Santa Croce e Carle of Cuneo” since July 2006
  • Formal lecturer of “Clinical Nursing V” for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing course of St. Louis University of Orbassano
  • Lecturer of Nursing Aide courses for pediatric nursing until 2011
  • President of the Order of Nursing Professions of Cuneo until December 2020
  • National President of the Pediatric Nursing Commission since March 2021.