Jacobien Wagemaker

Wagemaker Jacobien

Jacobien Wagemaker MSc,  became Registered Nurse in 1987 and completed Paediatric Specialization in 1990. Her career went on as manager, first the Paediatric wards, soon to be followed with the whole Mother-Children Division. From 1997 the Family Centered Care caught her attention as a solution of a lot of in-clinic problems in birth care with unprepared pregnant woman and partners and absent parents on the paediatric and neonatology ward. Hutchfield (1999) gave more inside of how to work with the 4 stages of Family Centered Care. From 2000 she and her teams started to develop the Family Centered Single Room Care system in the hospital so parents could stay 24/7. In the meantime, working on the vision FCC to be integrated in the work process of the teams. To collect more evidence for this vision and system Jacobien continued with Master of Health in science of nursing. She wrote a lot of articles and trained in several hospitals how to start the Family Centered Single Room Care Program to assist parents in their leading role. Together with other experts she wrote a course book for professionals. She observed that pregnant woman, partners, young parents and families still did not take over the steering wheel in their demand of care and prepare for becoming parents. Together with Dr. Fabienne Naber, she joined the initiative of PATH project getting financed in the Interreg2Seas program, and worked with the PATH-NL team towards Prepared Parenting information, tools and training for parents (to be). This to help them to stay mentally and socially in balance in the pathway to parenthood. During the lecture Jacobien will share insight of prepared parenting developed in PATH project.


Investing in perinatal mental wellbeing – An emotional rollercoaster requires preparation

A pregnancy or baby brings with it great responsibility. This fact has been the main reason for the European PATH project. The abbreviation stands for: PerinAtal menTal Health, an EU funded project. From its kick-off in 2019, all kinds of initiatives were undertaken to give expectant and brand-new parents a helping hand to stay mentally and socially in balance. Specific focussing on Prepared Parenting – the most important step to reach real demanded care.  Jacobien Wagemaker, RN MSc will share information and tools which will be helpful for professionals in support of parents.